ECh Veterans 2011 - Leibnitz

Important Information

Dear Judo Friends;


Hope this email finds you well! We would like to clarify on the point of back numbers.


Sometime ago, we had advised you that the Judogi requirements at the EC Veterans will be only Technical (Sokuteiki Rule), and the new IJF standards for Judogi will not be enforced only for this event. However, as this event will be broadcast on live streaming, the EJU decided that the back numbers will still be required for this event.


The athletes must therefore have an official EJU back number, (with name and federation). Both versions (2010 and 2011) will be accepted, only for this European Championships! The back numbers may be ordered at


Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Envic Galea

EJU General Secretary


Louisa Galea / Alexis Milne

EJU General Secretariat

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